Hunter dashboard improvements

Hi guys! You might not have heard a lot from us regarding the development of new features much lately, but we’re working on a lot of stuff that will be released soon!

One of those first things is the new hunter dashboard design. With the new black menu bar, you should be able to get to your artworks and routes much faster. It also provides you much more space to focus on editing content.

We’re still very much working on refining some of the details, so please let me know in the comments if there’s stuff that isn’t working well for your or things that could be done better!




Personally I really like the design. Can I tell you that straight to your face?

Haha, appreciate it!

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Really like the new design.
Just one question: is it normal that there’s only one language left (only english, no longer a dutch text field)?


Correct. Since the app already wasn’t showing the Dutch description (only the website was) and only two or three cities had Dutch descriptions for some artworks, we decided to remove it for now, focussing only on English. Sorry for not letting you know that sooner!

We of course still have the Dutch texts you added, so we can bring them back in the future if that feels necessary.