How to succesfully promote your map

I’d like to try this out to share effective insights, to generate attention to your map. So, to kick it of, my very uncreative 4 ideas to generate more traffic!

  • Hashtag #streetartcities on instagram posts
  • Put your domainname in Instagram bio (
  • Garner local (old) press attention by sending out a pressnote that the first locally infected, globally connected street art map is recently launched
  • Collaborate with other local organisations in this space

Anyone want to share other ideas of promoting your maps?


Another suggestion for promotion:

  • Inform the tourist office of your city. Maybe they will be so kind to promote your street art map in their touristic publications…

Another idea: create a Pinterest board - f.e. "Street Art [City Name] - and pin your photos directly from your SAC-site into it. When someone clicks on the photo on Pinterest it leads them to your SAC-site/-map.

Important to mention the name of the artist and the name of the city in the description + to use some hashtags like #nameoftheartist #nameofthecity (and offcourse #streetartcities :nerd_face:) so it can be found when someone searches on these words or hashtags.


Spanx Marc, maybe we should ask everybody in the newsletter next year somehow (@Streetartwerpenaar) with a link to this forum post, just to see how many good ideas we can collect. Then I won’t mind bundling them into a great manual or page for new members to see when on boarding or so…