How to communicate with other hunters in the same team?

I’ve recently requested Shellharbour City Centre as its own new hunting ground which is south of Wollongong, while also requesting a few from the existing Wollongong city to be moved to this.

However, a fellow hunter has added several artworks to the existing Wollongong hunting ground but are in the Shellharbour area. Maybe because they were not aware that Shellharbour was created as an individual city? I’d like to avoid the situation where I would arrange these to be moved over, but potentially get added again because they disappeared in an adjacent city’s list.

Few questions:

  • How do we talk to or message a fellow hunter in the city team (if they have no social media/contact details)? Do I just try to just slip in a seen community note and see if they’ll read it? Or do I tag them in a forum post?
    EDIT: Seen community notes don’t seem to actually reach the city inbox. At least, it doesn’t in the desktop version.

  • As a follow-up question, how does one make a community note in the desktop version of SAC? I tend to drag a laptop around while going to places.

  • Is there currently any mechanism that alerts hunters that a new hunting ground has been created and/or added to the app? Maybe prompt them to consider joining when they look at the dashboard as a mini-alert?

  • Is there any invite mechanism on the hunter’s side to invite a hunter into a hunting ground, or will they have to refer through SAC Support/the form?


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Everything starts with the fact how active is hunter on StreetArtCities, about 85% isnt active the last 30 days. But… we are freaky right;).

When we reach out to hunters, some reply very quickly, others do even not respond. In a way it’s ok but the consequence is that many things hang “ unsolved “, or become a “ question “ on the platform.

In the past hunters, could upload from their city to other places. Hunting in Bucharest, and add artworks in Serbia… . Moderators nightmare:).

This is not possible anymore, but indeed all those works are hanging unsolved on the platform.
We (as mod) have a tool to move markers(system recognizes this) , create new cities etc. But we have to check every city manually of course, and then we stumble on other things to solve:).

We support the use of the forum, anyways its good to flag those things here and we’ll try to fix it.
The communication to others is important to highlight, hunter collaborations in cities is great, but this work on two sides… as StreetArtCities we depend on the dedication of the hunters, and in the same time spamming the hunters awake isn’t nice too.

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Moved 1 piece (gus Eagleton) from Wollongong to Shellarbour.

In Wollongong are 2 works added (one in Mittagong and one in Helenburgs). You want this two pieces to stay under Wollongong, or you have another idea?

I scrolled through the Wollongong artworks list. Would it be interesting to create Port Kembla as a city?

Grateful for your quick support and advice. There definitely are a lot of nuances and quirks with many different hunters, even their own hunting and curating styles can be quite significant as well. I’d like to be able to strike the balance, but yes indeed, also not to spam them so they can freely contribute to the platform without feeling restrained.

I’m a bit of an attention-to-detail type of hunter (and person more generally), so I might be slightly crazy or some hunters may find some of the things that I do a bit daunting (i.e. renaming some things, changing the pin location, changing the order of photos), but I like to do my best to support their efforts from the shadows, mainly filling in details such as artists, dates created, festivals, etc.

Thanks for that @Stef! There’s are other artworks that should also be moved to the new Shellharbour City (will give more details later), but I will wait a bit to see if Justine will notice and start contributing to Shellharbour directly.

Helensburgh is recognised as part of Wollongong, so that can stay there.
Mittagong… is very far actually! I have a plan (later this month), best way to contact you, the support email or here?

Port Kembla should stay a part of Wollongong as it is only a suburb, it is not too far (only 6km away) but is not really recognised as a city or government area in itself. It is best recognised as a curated route (like Justine has created, awesome work!)

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Hey Briggs or is Jordan your first name … that would be cool (me being a basketball fan).

I’d like to add something besides what Stef already mentioned.

The thing is that every hunter can add all the contact info to his or her bio. I sense a lot of hunters don’t realise it yet. But I’m thinking of creating a forum post about it. @thomas maybe it’s an idea to show a filled out profile in the admin dashboard :thinking:
I don’t think community note is the best way to reach out, I suggest to shoot me an d Stef an email and we’ll try to connect you hunters. I also sent Justine an email to ask her something.
The “seen” note has been created to let our users know that the artwork is still there. In the future this could be used in our automated QC.

For now it’s not possible, @thomas any plans on this.

Sounds like an idea, let’s check if we already talked about this somewhere.

Still the best way is to contact Stef or me.

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Hey Tim,

Hey Briggs or is Jordan your first name … that would be cool (me being a basketball fan).

Briggs is my first name. Jourdan (with a u) is my middle name but I use them interchangeably. My family is really into basketball but for some reason I got into football instead.

Got it. Would be great to connect with fellow hunters and even around the world too (a trip is slowly in the cauldron, itchy feet). Will keep on my regular contact. (:

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