How to add places from different cities?

Hi, i´m new here. My hometown is Berlin. I have a lot of cool places from all over Germany i visited in the last weeks. E.g. Weißwasser:

how a can add this to streetart cities? the form tells me, its to far away from Berlin.


Nice to have you here buddy! Let me help you a bit.

Right now, a hunter can hunt in one city (the one you live in, and therefor know very well), unless we add you to one or more other cities manually. Right now, you are added to Berlin, so when you want to upload in a different city, the system says: whoops, thats not Berlin.

You have two options now, ask to be added to other cities, or wait a few weeks, because we’re improving this aspect by allowing everyone to hunt in all cities. If you hunt in a city that you are not a hunter in, your upload will be sent to the local hunter as a community note for the local hunter te review.

What would you like for now?

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For moderated cities its okay, if my hunts gets reviewed. For the current situation with Weißwasser, it would be nice, if you can add that city to my account:

thanx a lot :slight_smile:

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should be added to beautiful little WeiBwasser, mein freund! Login and see if that works for you.

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Hey Bart, after new login, i get the same message:

“Type the name of a location, or drag the pin.
This location is far away. Each city has their own hunters, so please only add markers for Berlin here.”

this is the adresse i used:

Werner-Seelenbinder-Straße 70, 02943 Weißwasser/Oberlausitz

Hey Micha,
If you have been added to a new city, you will have to switch between cities in the Hunter Dashboard.
You’ll find the city list you have access to in the drop down next to the Street Art Cities logo at top left of the Dashboard.
Select your new city here and you should be good.
I’ve attached a screenshot of my dashboard to show you what it looks like.


Thx for your help. i did´nt get it, that i have to switch the cities. Now it works :slight_smile:


Andrew, you are the sweetest!