Holla! From Canberra

Bouncing around on my pet kangaroo sprucing up the map for one of the smallest states in Australia. When Skippy and I arnt cracking a beer and throwing shrimp on the barbie it’s road trips looking for ‘Australiana,’ my first love and where my passion for street art first begun. I’m sure every country has a GIGANTIC oversized novelty banana but I think our QLD BIG Banana takes the pavlova :stuck_out_tongue:

All jokes aside I look forward to watching Canberra grow and helping muggles explore the fair dinkem Aussie way!


Heya Megan! Good to have you on the platform.

I was afraid for a second that you missed an Australian cliché in your post by not including Vegemite, but then I noticed it was featured in the picture :smile:

I’m off to put on my clogs and pick some tulips :grin: :netherlands:

Looking forward to seeing the artworks in your area!

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How about that for an huntroduction!? Great to have such energy on board from Aussie land! Street Art Cities, a great way to learn geography!

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Cheers Bart! :kissing_heart: