Hola from León (Spain)!

Hi everyone, my name is Jhésica and although i am from oviedo (a city of the north of Spain) i’m going to hunt in León, the city i’m living in now.
I really love street art and graffitis and i’m in love with this platform so i hope i can be a good hunter and discover great spots (also i’m new in León, so i can be really good excuse to get out an discover new streets and places in the town).
You can follow me in instagram if you want, my user is @jotahaze.

Also, i’d love to keep in touch with you street art hunters! <3

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Bienvenida!! Yo cazo para la Bañeza :wink:

Hola Tinka! Muchas gracias, tengo que pasarme un día por allí y seguir todas tus cazadas!

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Avisame y te pongo en contacto con los chavales del ArtAeroRap <3

Ay jo, muchísimas gracias! Así lo haré!!! Lo mismo te digo si algún día te pasas por León.