Hi from Rotterdam, Netherlands

Hi, my name is Ed from Rotterdam.

I noticed that the list of artworks in Rotterdam is not really up to date and a lot of locations are not that accurate. My goal is to fix the locations and description of the artworks that are already there and start adding new pieces.

I would describe myself as a street art enthusiast. I like to keep tabs on everything happening in my area, and when I travel I like to check out the street art in that area. I work as a city guide, so I cover a lot of ground professionally on foot and by bike. That helps a lot.

I look forward to contributing to this great community!


Welcome to the community Ed!

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Hi Ed,

I was just in Rotterdam last week for All Caps and somebody asked how come Roffa is incomplete…
Well it looks like you’re the right person on the right spot.
Welcome to the family and let’s go…


Hello Ed,

Welcome to our SAC Family! Seems that Rotterdam needs a clean up and many works has to be added… so… we are excited to have a new hunter on this place.

Greetz Stef


Thanks Stef, seems like I’ve got my work cut out for me :sweat_smile: