Hi from Milan Italy


I am a 36 years old Opera singer with an insane passion for street art.

Since I was I child I loved colored walls but it became a real passion in 2016 when i started taking pics of EnergyBoxes that a lot of streetartist painted for a Festival in Milan.

I decided to open an Instagram Profile only on the Street Art in Milan ( Italy ) wher I live!


Now this new experience and i love the idea that someone can come in Milan, my town, and visit our Street Art so simply!

By the way mY name is Nicolò Bartoli

Thts all !

Have a nice sunday!!!


Hi Nicoló! (the line on the O is drunk, it leans to the wrong side, sorry)

I googled you and found out that you have an impressive trackrecord as a singer! So cool to have you here as well haha, I don’t know any opera singers of my age. I’m 34 and from Holland, just wanted to welcome you. Good going on the map, I see you been adding some murals already :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you need help, and try to help others when they need you!

Thanks a lot Bart!

I will aske you to resolve my doubts here!

Have a nice day!