Hi from Matt in London - hoping to put London firmly on the Map and APP

Recently joined (yesterday) so still trying to figure how this all works. I’ve been in to art ever since I was a kid as my father was a graphic designer so it’s been in my blood. Actually went to art college and studies graphic design myself, the same art college and at the same time as DANK - aka Dan Kitchener. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have his talent or dedication back then and so art has been a hobby ever since. I first became interested in graffiti when I was about 13/14 and was fascinated by the subway art in New York and the USA. I have been a street art enthusiast since its inception you could say. I am also a street art collector, with numerous prints and associated items which keeps on growing as I get to learn about new artists. I always try and meet the artists whenever possible at galleries, shows or art fairs which take up most of my spare time when not out with friends and family. I was born in London and still believe despite all my travels that this is the best city in the world for street art. Bristol was a great experience a couple of weeks back as I met with 3 artists on my trip and bought work from 2 of them. I will be returning next year for Upfest and plan to visit other cities both inside and outside the UK. Street art is my passion and it will be good to learn of other places in the world where I can meet new people with the same interests, see amazing art and experience different cultures.


Gday from Brisbane Australia think we already follow each other on Insta - welcome Matt