Hi from Ferrol!

Hey everyone! I just joined your community. Currently I live in the north of Spain in the region of Galicia and here in the area which is called Meninas there are very nice murals and I want to add them up to the website.


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Hola vecin@!!
Las Meninas de Canido claro!
Estamos arrancando,pero ya puedes venir cuando quieras a visitra el street art que empieza a aparecer en El Bierzo!
Un saludo!

Hosgeldiniz Betül!
I am based in Ankara, and I am in charge of hunting in my home town La Bañeza in Leon, it’s very close to the area Asier hunts at, and of course to Galicia!

Come over and visit us, in August we organize an awesome festival.

I want to go to spain. Anyone can invite me? :grin:

Welcom Betül, enjoy this community and let us know if you have questions or improvements!