Hi from Aarschot

Hello everyone !

Just a brief introduction, since I joined the Hunter community a couple of days ago (thanks Tim!). I’m not an artist myself, but love Street-Art and photography (just an amateur though). Throughout the last couple of days, I have added to the website Street-Art in my current town, Aarschot. Not that many murals here, currently, but that may hopefully change in the future;





I really do like you name man! Cool to see you join in the fun! And let this be an inspiration to get more walls up in Ass-shoot. :grin:

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Like a lot of us, we started like you. Let’s see where this will lead you;-)
Welcome to this amazing global community, and don’t forget to contact us or other members to get advice or tips

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Truly the best name there is Bart! No doubt there :wink:

Thanks for the warm welcome guys! I do hope it may inspire others in Ass-hot to continue painting.

Eager to go on and add new murals also. Would love to add stuff of other Belgian cities if possible



I know you proposed Brussels, but we already have a decent hunter team there. But we could use some help in Leuven though…