Hello! We are SISAF from Sibiu, Romania

Hello! The Sibiu International Street Art Festival (SISAF) team is made of people who have a passion for street art and art in general. We hope more people will come to Sibiu to see the great projects many artists did through the years! In 2018 we are celebrating our 4th year since the festival is taking place. Nice to meet averyone and we hope you all have an amazing and full of art day! :smiley:


Welcome to this community filled with kindred spirits.
Get ready to share, connect and be inspired by streetart all over the world.

Hello people behind SISAF!

So, who are we talking to at the moment?
Your website looks nice, cool to have you onboard! As a matter of fact, call Jägermeister and ask if they want to sponsor our meetups haha! We love Jägermeister. Well, at least I do.:wink:

Also, let us know how you want this platform to work for you. I think our logo would look nice at ‘Partner Internationali’ right? And also, send us yours, we will include it on our website.

Oh and last one, how does your relation look like with Vice and NOIZ?

Hello there!
Right now you’re talking to Bianca, I’m the PR Assistant, nice to meet you :smile: !
Thank you, we will attach your logo on our site, if you are kind enough, could you send it to us?
Also, this is ours: logo-sisaf2018
Regarding the relation with Vice and NOIZ, it is a really good one. They are our media partners and they help us promoting the festival in our country, Romania.
Have a nice day! :sunny:

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Thank you!
We are really excited to see the streetart works all over the world, and also to share ours with the world! :+1::eyes::grin:

Hi Bianca,

You can find our logo here: https://streetartcities.com/press