Hello from Traverse City, MI USA

Hi all, I’m Karyn aka @urbanartish. I’m just an avid traveler visiting/photographing internationally 12-16 cities/countries per year. Each city I visited I seemed to stumble upon street art. The more street art I found the more intrigued I became with the street art community and the artists behind them. I actively seek out street art in every city I visit so have a large database of public art from more than 30 countries around the world in parts of cities that are usually overlooked. My own home town, Traverse City, Michigan, has only a few murals but as I can’t travel now due to Covid, I’ll start with this city/state. I’m happy to be joining this awesome community!


Welcome to the community @urbanartish. The works you’ve uploaded so far in Traverse City look great!

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Thanks Thomas! So few murals in TC tho’.