Hello from Tilburg, The Netherlands

Hi all!

Nice to meet all of you! I am Gijs Hendriks from Tilburg in the Netherlands. I am 41 years old and working as a Inventory planner at a wholesale company. Some of my biggest hobbies are photography, hunting street art and traveling.

I started photography when I started to travel more and more. In 2015 I went to Berlin and was surprised about all the street art I saw. Shortly after that, I started to combine hunting and taking photo’s. Every time I travel to a new place, I try to take some time to find street art as much as possible.

As a hunter for the city of Tilburg, I already added some pieces to the website. Pls check it out of you are interested. I also post my pictures on Instagram (@gijzh).
Finally Tilburg is getting on the street art cities map, as new murals are painted currently almost every month.

I hope to speak or meet you as soon as possible!

Take care and stay safe for now!

Greets Gijs

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Wilkommen, as the Germans say! It’s so cool to see new arrivals everytime, with each his/her own story on how street art infected your life! So cool to have you around and active on the worlds leading mapping initiative. Jan-Henk from Kings of Colors is very active in your area, right? Let me know if you need a connection ouwe kruikezeiker!

see you around!

Yo Gijzhhhh,

Finally hooked you up, great stuff in Tlburg. Putting it on my shortlist. Hope to meet you soon