Hello from Sheffield, UK and IG feeds

Hello my new SAC friends,
About 1 week into the role of Ambassador for artists and artwork in Sheffield. Looking good so far. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing some of what I am sure is amazing Streetart.

I want to use this platform to reinvigorate the fading reputation of Sheffield Streetart. We have some great artists and their work is great as I hope you will agree.

Please check out my Instagram feed @jameswsmedley The great majority of Sheffield’s artists have an instagram presence and I think it would be worthwhile for us to quote the artists IG tag alongside the work. What do you think and where would the best place to include it in page proforma? This would improve the exposure of the artists to new viewers and hopefully generate new interest in their works.

This may sound very old thinking but please bear with me until I pick up the sense of the forum.


Hi James,

Great to have you on board and it seems you found your way with our interface very quickly.
Sheffield has some very good artists that need promoting.

Concerning your questions about IG feeds of artists, we’re working on a new feature: Artist pages, where we can centralise all this info.

Stay tuned

Thank you my friend.
I really want to return Sheffield art in all its forms back to the forefront. One big problem is that Sheffield is demolishing so much of the city centre and building new featureless red brick apartment blocks the result of which is to destroy many of the best and most ‘romantic’ painting/paste up places. As a consequence the painters are moving to out of town derelict sites that can be illegal and not readily accessible for the public. I am talking to a friend in Manchester to see if their Pasteur artists might drop of their work in Sheffield. Cross pollinatination of new ideas etc.
If you have any ideas how I might proceed with my quest please let me know. Jim

Hi James,

No need to apologize Jimmey, the forum is mainly meant for communications between hunters and it should allow us some essential back and forth benefitial for everyone.
Also, the marriage between street art and real estate development is a delicate one, but a marriage nevertheless. The cooler a place becomes (hello Shoreditch, hello 5elements NYC) the more young people, the more retail and corporate/startuppy stuff, the higher prices go, the more real estate development. The very culture it counters, it also drives in fact. Gentrification at it’s finest.

I would at least try to invite yourself to the muni and see how department of culture and or dept of city promotions looks at this situation. Are they aware? Try to position yourself as an advocate for everything young, related to culture and specifically street art.

Hi Jim, welcome to the Street Art Cities family. I look forward to taking a look at the street art of Sheffield. I am a hunter and contributor from Bristol where there is a vibrant scene as you will know, and I have worked hard to load up as many permanent pieces onto the App as I can - some though are out of date and I need to do a bit of a spring clean.

I liked the idea of adding Instagram info and look forward to potential developments with this.


Hey Stephen,

In a city as Bristol it can get though, maybe i’ll be visiting this year during Upfest.
Hope to meet you then.

Hi Streetartwerpenaar

Yes, after a year off everyone is really looking forward to Upfest 2020 - this year it is from 30 May to 1 June (a bit earliier thhan usual) but some of the big feature walls will be painted during the week before, to alow for completion in time for the main festival.

We had a SAC meet up in 2018 and I am hoping we can do something similar this year.


Cheers mate. I have not been to Bristol yet but I really intend to get there. My personal collection is based pretty much around Sheffield, London and Manchester so what better way for me to diversify my collection than to include Bristol! Jim

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