Hello from San Andres

Hello everyone!
I’m sebastian from San Andres Island, a very small island in the Colombian Caribbean Sea. I’m very excited to be part of this community.
I’m an architect but been working community projects that involve art and murals. I think that art is one of the most powerful tools that we have to share messages with others, and I’m very happy that wall art is getting stronger here in the island.
One of the things I’d like to do is to lead a graffiti festival here in the island, so if any of you have the chance or have any ideas just lest me know!
My best to all of you!

Hi Sebastian,

Welcome to Street Art Cities. I fell in love with Columbian street art last year when I helped the famous Bogotan Vertigo Graffiti crew create a giant wall in my hometown Merksem (Antwerp) with the help of the Columbian embassy and the city of Antwerp.
I hosted these guys for a week and got everything they need, it’s still one of the most inspiring walls today.
I love the Colombian attitude towards graffiti and hope to visit it sometimes this year.
If you want i could connect you to Camilo, the guy who runs several projects in Bogota and Cartagena…

Hi! It’s a pleasure to meet you… really honored to be part of this!
You are more than welcome here in san andres, and i hope to meet you soon!
That would be great if I could meet him and get to work on a project together!.. Cartagena needs to be on the map too!
Big hug!