Hello from Saint Petersburg, Russia

Hello, I am Anna from Saint Petersburg, Russia`s second largest city. We are “the cultural capital”, but our street art culture is far behind from level of such cities as Ekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod or even Moscow. Street art thrives in abandoned buildings, but in the city centre it lives for several days or even hours before being painted over by officials.

But luckily, there are exceptions! For example, we have Street Art Museum - real working factory, which became canvas for russian and international artists. And there are several art clusters with interesting art around town.

Right now I am self isolated because of covid, but I will try to use my photo archives and connections to fill up Saint Peterburg`s map with worthy places.

You are welcome to my Instagram: nothing interesting is going on there at the moment, just my walls, my plants and my lovely cat. But soon I hope to be out and about, hunting for SAC))
Glad to be part of the community :heart:

welcome to the family, looking forward to see updates from St Petersburg

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