Hello from Richmond, VA

My name is Isabel and I live in Richmond, VA. I moved here in 2006 and quickly fell in love with this city and its murals and street art. A few years ago I started an album of murals and kept adding to it every time I stumbled on a new one. The city was new to me and I got lost a lot, but that has turned out to be the best way to find new art all over the city. I work a lot so in my down time I go for walks or bike rides and there is nothing better than finding new art when I am not working.

My family is originally from Chile so it is a dream to one day visit again and discover the art there too. For now though, it is awesome to see all the art around the world in one place and be part of the art hunter community!


Hi isabel!


Can’t wait to seee the street asrt from your cirty! :slight_smile:

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Welcome Isabel!

Happy to see a Richmonder join the tribe! I know you’ll love it here if you want to easily discover new art in cities, or maybe get to know others around the globe with the same spirit as you have!

Enjoy yourself, ask for help and be helpful to others :slight_smile:
Hope to se you around!


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