Hello from Reading , Berkshire!

Hi, I’ve just joined. My hobby is photography and I always look for Street Art when I travel. There are a few pieces in the town live in (Reading), with one particular spot having 22 walls designated by the local council as ‘Legal Walls’ to paint on! I’ve seen some really nice pieces down there!
I’ve filled the form to be a Hunter, so hopefully that will be approved soon.
I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can post photos for other cities, not just your own?
I have photographed Street Art in London, Glasgow, Reading, Bournemouth, Athens, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen!

Welcome to the community Ibrahim!

Good to get some more people from the UK here, always fun. Perhaps we can do a hunter meetup for all the UK hunters at some point.

Currently you can only post pictures for the cities you are assigned to as a hunter, but our team is definitely willing to assign you to multiple cities that you frequently visit. The more the merrier!

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Thanks Thomas! I usually post on Instagram, Facebook & Flickr. There’s lots of Street Art on my pages!

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Hi Thomas, I was just wondering how long it usually takes to be approved as a hunter?

Hey Ibrahim,

I’ll have a look tomorrow.

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