Hello from Puerto Rico

Hi! I wanted to say from our beautiful island Puerto Rico. We are more than 100 x 35 miles, we have a lot of art to offer. Hopefully, we will be able to put Puerto Rico in the map with Street Art Cities. Puerto Rico is full of local artists with mad skills. Puerto Rico is a prime spot for international artist as well! Can’t wait to share my pictures and if you are ever in Puerto Rico hit me up so we can set up a tour! See you!


Oops, haven’t replied to this, but we talked thru email before, glad you’re here and actively using the forum to improve your mural posts on the map.

I see you started in San Juan and Yauco. Must say I like that Samuel Gonzalez painting with the entire community helping out. Huge impact on that entire street! Think street art really is a great instrument to get everyone involved. Keep up the good work Paul, let’s get that beautiful island up and running!

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