Hello From Portsmouth, UK

Hey beautiful people!

I’m Gem, I’m from the bleak coastal city of Portsmouth where the skies are as grey as the council blocks.

We have some awesome local artists here (FarkFK, Mister Samo, Pogo, My Dog Sighs) and they are trying to bring Portsmouth to life by turning it into a vibrant, cultural city that’s full of colour and joy.

There’s a lot of amazing art in this place, I’ve hunted most of it, but we need more!

I love art, the brighter and more chaotic the better. It contrasts beautifully with my usually pessimistic, goth outlook on life. I sometimes create my own (strang3art666 on Instagram)

Favourite artists include - FarkFK, Roo Abrook, The Postman, Miss Bugs, Ottograph, Bladeface, Pogo, GOIN.


Hi Gemma,

We’re well aware of Portsmouth, and you’re in look as there’s a festival real soon coming to ya