Hello from Phoenix, AZ

Hi my name is Janet (“J or JJ”). I am 35 years old and have lived in Denver, Miami and Phoenix most of my life but at the moment living in Phoenix. I have always been interested in photography and art- though my skills are quite minimal and I quickly realized those pathways were not my calling- but it never has changed my appreciation for urban art, nor capturing a good pic. If anything, my interest for the two has only grown as I have gotten older as I now use it as a hobby and change of pace from my day to day which is working in acute care medicine. I also used to play soccer through college and semi-professionally for many years after college. So in a nutshell, that sums me up. Oh, and I have a pretty cool dog named Lucy who is my sidekick. Shes a boxer-pitbull that is the sweetest cuddle-monster and pampered pooch.

I absolutely love how street art can inspire you, be thought provoking or just inspire you through its beauty that it stops you in it’s tracks. One of my fav things to do is quick wknd trips to other cities to cruise around and find works in different streets on other parts of the map. I was collecting so many pics of these murals and works that I eventually started a street art instagram (@street_art_stalker) page which is where I was fortunate to connect with Tim and find out about Street Art Cities.

I am really excited about this site, connecting with other art enthusiast, getting to see other works around the globe and being apart of this community!

So hello from Phoenix. :cactus::sunny::palm_tree:



Hey JJ,
Welcome to this crazy community and i think you’re gonna feel right a home amongst all these crazy streetart fans.
We love the isnpirational nature of urban art and that’s how we got into it and wanted to go to the next level and inspire the world by giving them acces to these beautifull art pieces .
With a handy website everybody can find these hidden gems now.

Keep an eye out on your mailbox, cause you’re about to get your login :wink:

grtz Tim
Antwerp, Belgium

Hi JJ,

Very happy to have you in our team! I’d love to see the stuff you’re about to add!



WELCOME JJ :smiley:

So happy that you’re joining the team :sparkles::world_map::heart:

Thanks Tim! No doubt will feel right at home with everyones enthusiasm!

Looking forward to the login.

Have a gooed one!


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I have been posting most of my recent stuff on my IG from other cities like Denver, San Diego and Los Angeles. I havent been cruising the streets of Phoenix in the last month and half but now now have a little extra motivation to get out there on when I get my next couple days off in a row from work. These are a few of my fav pieces from Phoenix that I have from Phoenix so far:IMG_3482IMG_3698IMG_3463IMG_3484IMG_3699

(Lets see if those pics attach :grimacing:

Thanks for the welcome Thomas!

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Thank you Sanne! Im happy to be apart of this community! Thanks for the welcome <3

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Miss Wildemuth!

Cool to have you on board! We’re still recovering from a wicked weekend in Lisbon, Portugal at the Urban Creativity Conference. Very impressive few days and it gave us all kinds of new ideas.
Thank you for joining, it’s always so cool to see likeminded people be inspired and triggered so much by all that we’re doing. Enjoy it all, share improvement ideas and moment with all of us.

See you around!

By the way, I love the mile high city! (Boulder even more so…!)

Thanks for the warm welcome! Sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend!

Cheers to some Mile High love. I actually finished my undergrad at CU in Boulder. Gorgeous town!! :slight_smile: