Hello from Oslo, Norway

Hi everyone,

My name is Diana and I am new to this community but very excited to be part of Street Art Cities. I am from Ecuador but I have been living in Norway several years. I am a certified guide in Oslo and due to COVID I am currently working with virtual tours for Amazon Explore. We are going to launch soon a street art virtual tour. I love street art and exploring new areas in this beautiful city.

Now that art galleries are closed to the public, street art is a great way to enjoy art for free, learn about the artists, and moreover to explore neighborhoods.

On Instagram, I am posting photos of places I like in Oslo. I am also posting street art on a weekly basis. I always make an effort to reach out to the artist, so as to get some insights on the specific piece. You can find me on Instagram @Oslo4me.

Happy hunting to everyone!

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Hi Diana,

Happy to have you on the platform, looking forward to see more of the amazing art in Oslo.

Happy hunting!

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to be joining this group. I will be adding some new art work soon. I had a small problem framing correctly one photo in the platform and I was not able to fix the problem. Let keep in touch.


Definitely feel free to email me (thomas@streetartcities.com) if you want any help with the photo issue!

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