Hello From Nashville, Tennessee, US

Greetings and thanks for the add to this group. My wife and I are both hobby photographers and like to photograph street murals on our travels. We have photographed murals on many of the streets in the US and several places in Europe. There are many murals in Nashville by artist all over the world. I will be adding them to the map as time permits. Looking forward to see murals from other parts of the world on this forum.


Hi Steve! Welcome to the community, happy to have you here!

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Thank You. I look forward to posting the Nashville Murals as well as exploring murals others have posted all over the world.

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Hi Steve,

Welcome to the team my friend! I have never been in Nashville or any of the southern states actually. I’d love to explore them some time.

Lately we seem to be getting a bit of an uptick on questions related to hunting in different states/regions/countries. Currently the system doesn’t allow you to do that easily. To tackle things like correctness of information, speed of removing/adding new artworks, we chose to go for the city model. Someone can hunt for a city he/she lives in, or works in. As long as you are there most of the time, so you know what’s up, and what’s been removed.

This way we’ve been able to grow a great deal since the start, and the quality of the information on the platform is pretty good. Now, going back to your message of sharing from all over the world, currently we have no easy way of supporting you in that. What we have done up until now, is add a hunter account to two or three cities that someone is regularly in. But I’m not sure if that would help you?

We are however interested in seeing how many people would like to hunt in different cities in the world. So I think you just inspired me to prepare a poll for that, and see how many of us would love to hunt in cities they visit.

Glad to have you with us Steve!



My aister lives in Nashville. We are hoping to come while the kids are out on thanksgiving break. I cant wait to see all the street art!


How long will you be visiting? Nashville has a lot of murals, but the traffic and parking is a nightmare. The best time I have found to hunt murals is early Sunday morning. A lot of the business are closed and you will have a better chance of not having cars parked in the way of the mural.


Thank you for the info! We will probobly stay wed.-mon. I would love to spend the entire day Sunday looking at atreet art!

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Without knowing what part of Nashiville you will be staying, here is a link to a lot of mural sites. I haven’t been to all of these yet, but this should will be more than enough for a Sunday visit.

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Awesome! Thank you so much! Cant wait!