Hello From Milan, Italy 🇮🇹

Hi everyone !

Nice to meet all of you! I am Sergio Fanara from Milan, Italy. I am 37 years old and I’m working as a flight attendant. As you can imagine I love travelling, visiting new cities and ,of course, hunting street art around the globe.

I started photography street art 3 years ago when I went to Bethlehem to find the Banksy Hotel. From there something special was happened. I’ve never stopped to find street art!!! I use to travel around the Europe even for one day just to find some new piece of street art! My favourite street artist is Millo, I’ve seen more the 50 original artworks.

I’ll be a hunter for the city of Milan and I am really honoured.

My Instagram profile is @thefunnyfannyworld.

Hope to meet some of you during my trips around the world.

Sergio Fanara

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