Hello from Marseille

Hello !

I am Camille from Marseille and sooo happy to be part of this community :slight_smile:
Passionated of urban arts and social innovation, I am currently working on an international project of an open air museum with my organisation : le MauMA, Museum of urban art of MArseille.

The project is aiming, over the next six years, to link and federate local stakeholders working on the territory of Marseille by a densification of artistic proposals in public spaces (murals, sculptures, street furnitures, etc). This mapped itinerary targets existing sites and infrastructures, new developments linked to urban renewal plans and new housing developments in the inner harbor area, a territory stretching from the city center to the northern districts of the city of Marseille, taking the shape of an art triangle.
We already developed 8 murals and still 92 to deploys till 2026/27.

Looking forward hearing from you and discovering your clichés :slight_smile: