Hello from Manchester

My name’s Greg and I live in Manchester. I’m an American who moved here in 2015, and our family absolutely loves it. Manchester is fertile ground for post-industrial street art. I’m more than happy to help out so others can enjoy it as well.

Our particular neighbourhood, Chorlton, is quite artsy in general, and I’m happy to highlight what we have going on here! Plus, at the moment, having something to do (especially something that one can do with friends and social distancing) can be the difference between a bad day and a good one.

I love what Street Art is about and glad I can be part of the crew.

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Hi Greg, I too am a Manchester hunter. I’m unsure if you have ever used the “Flash Invader App” but if not it’s fun to do and there are still 40 invaders from the original 47 to be found in Manchester. I have created a map for those specifically if you would like me to share :slight_smile:

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