Hello from Lviv - Ukraine

My name is Natalia and I am so excited to join the Street Art Hunters and your friendly community!
I am a street art lover and it is a big passion for me to exploring the new art projects in my city.
Lviv is a rather big city (about 800000 citizents) in the west part of Ukraine. There are some huge murals which deserve your attention. I’ll show you some here.

You can find me on Instagram @murals_lviv
Let’s be friends!

natali web

Взаємодія web


Welcome Natalia,

Looks like Lviv is a city we need t get to know better. Looking forward to see those murals pop up on the platform

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Friend offer accepted! And what a great sneak peak of murals are you showing us! Your outfit seems to match the color explosion behind you! Glad to see more Ukraine representatives!

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