Hello from London :)

Hello to all of you beautiful souls out there!

First things first, hope you and your families and loved ones are all well, safe and staying positive during these challenging times.

My name is ViVi and I’m new to this amazing community and so glad to be part of Street Art Cites and document the ever-changing art scene in this robust city I call home.

I’m originally from sunny Greece, where my street art madness started from, and the last 12 years I live in London where I developed my passion for photography.
I absolutely love walking, exploring new art and trying my amateur photographer skills in every city I travel to.

You can see my travels and murals on IG @p.art_of_you

I was so looking forward to Upfest 2020 and to meeting a few of you there as well but with the whole world been put on hold at the moment, we’ll just have to wait and see.
In the meantime, it’s great seeing everyone’s posts and activity here so keep in touch…

Bye for now and keep smiling peeps !! :slight_smile:

PS: Big shout out and thank you to Tim, who helped me get set up!

Big Love to All :heart:

Hey Vivi;

Welcome to the family, don’t you miss the sunny Greece. Good to see the London team expand, it’s a big city a lot to cover.
I was lookig forward to Upfest too…

Heya :slight_smile:

thank you for your warm welcome and of course I miss everything about my beautiful Greece but London has me hostage now. Like everyone else in this crazy city, we like to complain about it but still utterly in love with it, nonetheless . lol

let’s just hope they’ll go ahead with Upfest toward the end of summer, I read that somewhere so fingers crossed.
it’d be great to meet you and the rest of the SAC gang there !


You’re a work of art yourself! What’s up with London @Streetartwerpenaar ? Our most beautiful teammember lives there (Hi @thomas), then there’s that thing with Tim Jentsch from Brighton (almost such a stunner as Thomas) and now you are part of the community as well? Yo @Streetartwerpenaar what is happening over there?

Thanks for your kind compliment and the confidence boost, Bart :smile:
I’m sure both Tim and Thomas are rocking the “I woke up like this” quarantine look as much as I do!

Keep rocking guys :love_you_gesture:

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