Hello from Leuven - Belgium!

I’m Ann and I’m so glad to be part of this community! I’m a Belgian travelblogger writing every week a post for my (Dutch) travel- and photoblog wANNderful. I 'm mainly interested in culture, arts, design and of course one of my favourite topics is street art.
During my travels, I was crazy about the street art in London Shoreditch, the amazing artworks in Marseille and in Wynwood Walls, the street art walhalla in Miami, Florida. Also in my own country Belgium I discovered lots of wonderful works, like in Brussels or the Crystal Ship project in Ostend, the Luchtbal Area in Antwerp, and of course in my hometown Leuven.
When Leuven became a street art city, I wrote about two street art tours I made by bike (based on the street art cities app:

And you can find my list of favourite street art in Leuven here. On the website of the city of Leuven, you can also check a new, recent personal selection of amazing street art you can’t skip when visiting Leuven. I’m very curious if you agree with me and which ones you prefer!
I love the work of Leuven artists like @Bisser and @DinDin but @Roa and @Dzia are my heroes. I also like the tiny yellow men of @Jaune. But there are so many amazing artists!

I’m really looking forward to meet all of you and to find out which works you discovered in your city.
Keep up the good work and see you soon!


By the way, my IG account is https://www.instagram.com/blog_wannderful

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Hi Ann! Cool to have another Louvain teammate on board! The municipality must be happy with how active you are!! Enjoy the community and check back here whenever you want :slight_smile:

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great to see more from Leuven, love the street art there.
Groetjes uit Gent

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