Hello from Latvia, Riga

Hello everyone, I am glad to become a part of this wonderful community! I started to work on a photo project based around a specific stencil graffiti that is reoccurring theme in the streets of Riga and accidentally found the StreetArtCities page. I was really disappointed that even Estonia and Lithuania has more street art pieces hunted that Latvia although it is home for some prominent street artists and have housed some international street art festivals. Therefore I decided to join the community and along with hunt for graffiti photo project pieces I am hunting other street artworks that have been made on commissions, legally, illegally by known and unknown artists but are worth to see. Alongside taking photos and locating the artworks on map I am also doing the research part to discover if there is a story behind the piece or has it been just an artistic expression of the artist. I hope to see what the city of Riga has to offer and how many places in Latvia I am going to be able to visit to hunt street art! See you around and keep up the good work you are doing!


Welcome to the community! Looking forward to see more Latvian art on the map!

Let us know if you have any questions.


Sobre todo obras en América Latina, mi caso CÚCUTA Colombia. Saludos