Hello from Bristol

Hi there, my name is Stephen Gledhill aka Scooj and I live in the home of Banksy…Bristol, UK.

I have been photographing and writing about street art in Bristol for almost three years now and have amassed more than 1,100 posts on my Wordpress blog www.scooj.org also known as ‘Natural Adventures’.

My motivation for writing about the street/graffiti art in Bristol was because when I became interested, there was so little information out there about the locations and artists. I have tried to plug the gap (with others) and Street Art Cities is helping to do the same. Because the turnover in Bristol is so high, it is great to have a record of some of the remarkable work that has been produced here, but since been sprayed over.

I also post as many of the Upfest pieces as I can, so if you have ever visited for the festival, you might be interested. I have also posted some street art from London and New York.

My Instagram account is @stephencjg

I look forward to being part of this community and checking out some other cities.



Welcome to this crazy community

Hi Scooj, how you doing? I would be interested in featuring an article about Banksy in my website. It is in the project that I run about the street art in Madrid. Hope to receive your visit !

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Howdee Stephen,

Looks like your a street art heavy weight in this! Nice to have you on board.
I feel you on that ‘missing pieces’ remark in locations with high turnover. We been thinking of adding a timeline feature to each location so we can track a wall’s paint over time. Would be nice aye?

See you around!

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Love the time line idea!


hi stephen,
will be in bristol for the upfest. guess you will be there too?! :wink:
if you - or anyone else - want to meet up, just give a sign.

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Hi Bart, I will definitely be there on the Saturday and Sunday. It would be fun to hook up for a chat. I haven’t yet worked out my routes, but will be zig zagging my way around for both days. Have you been to Upfest before?

You probably know Nol, I think he will be coming again.

I’m sure we can easily find places to stop for a drink, just a matter of coordination.

You can see some of my photographs from previous Upfest festivals if you do a Google search on ‘Natural Adventures Upfest’ in Google images.

See you in a few days. I hope also to meet up with some other Bristol hunters (I’ve not yet met any of them!).

Keep well


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hi stephen,
neven been to bristol before, looking forward to discover the city!
indeed, let s meet up to have a chat and drink.
my mobile nr is 00491773429074, i ll be on whatsapp.

New meetup in the works! Want me to put it in the newsletter before friday? @urbanpresents

good idea to put it into the newsletter!
i have no idea yet, when we meet up. but there will be different sac hunters:
scooj, nol, tim jentsch…

Putting it in the newsletter sounds good. Perhaps I should suggest meeting in The Coopers Arms on Ashton Road (it is one of the quieter pubs) at say 1:30pm on Saturday, that way everyone will have the morning to get to know the layout of Upfest. Of course we could then arrange to hook up again on Sunday. Maps are available in the Upfest Shop in North Street or online at the Upfest website.

What do you think?


sounds perfect to me!

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