Hello from Brisbane

Hi everyone, my name is David and I run DKJ travel and photography (please feel free to check out our pages on @dkjtravelandphotography on Insta and Facebook.

Many thanks to Tim for letting us join your community. We have always liked street art and photographed on our travels but with the recent boom of great street art in Brisbane and the BSAF events we are starting to get some amazing work here which we will happily share with you.

Looking forward to being part of Street Art Cities :+1::pray::sunglasses:



Nice to have you here :slight_smile: I see you feel right at home with the iG link (nice to see that linktree also points to SAC!).
We might have to alter your domain name a bit tho. It’s too long and not consistant with the other cities. We’ll get back to you about that.

Have a great time here, and you’ll notice there’s a lot of like minded passionate street art hunters around here :slight_smile:Let us know if we can improve something for you. And try to keep tabs on the forum and newsletter. That’s the communication backbone for all of us.

c you around!


Thanks Bart. Yes just tried link tree so I could link to the SAC Brisbane page as well. No problem on altering domain just let me know and will update. Looking forward to being part of this community and have started sharing some Brissie street art so hope you guys like them.

Best David