Hello from Bacău, Romania! We are Zidart :)

Hello there, lovely people!

We are Zidart, a street art festival based in Bacău, Romania. We are so happy to be a part of this active community of urban culture lovers!

Our goal is to tear down the walls between us by painting the ones around us. The first edition of our festival took place in 2019, when our fellow Romanian artists were invited to offer people a fresh take on timely matters, such as social inclusion, the fight against discrimination, intolerance and hatred against minorities.

We’ve brought the concept of air-purifying murals in Romania, thus turning Bacău into the European city with the highest number of such paintings. Moreover, we have inaugurated one of the largest paintings entirely translated into the Braille alphabet, dedicated to the community of visually impaired people.

We’re currently working on the project for this year’s edition, so stay tuned- more urban goodies to come! Until then, keep an eye on the map and discover the amazing work of our street artists. We hope to meet you in person soon!

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line on Facebook or Instagram. We’ll get back to you in the shortest time possible- we’re eager to connect with street art enthusiasts and artists from all around the world!

Find us on
Instagram: @zidartfest
Facebook: ZIDART - Street Art Festival | Bacau

Lots of love from Romania,
The Zidart Team

Nice to listen about u!
Greetings from the Basque Country!

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Hi Zidart! Cool to have another festival on here, I hope you feel welcome :slight_smile:
@Streetartwerpenaar probably invited you here, so make sure you keep in touch with him. Especially now that we’re focussing more on contextual data (like galleries & festivals).

Enjoy the ride!


Yes! Thanks, Tim! We’ll keep in touch and let him know about anything new coming up in our area! :smiley: