Hello from Amersfoort, The Netherlands

I’m Arno from Amersfoort. I love the creative and colorfull pieces of streetart and like to explore my hometown to look for new art. I also like to travel and see other cities and find the streetart there.

In Amersfoort i’v got my garagedoor painted by Oxalien.


That looks awesome!

Welcome to the community, Arno!

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Glad to have you with us Arno! Enjoy your stay and let us know if you would like some explanation!

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Thanks for the acceptance. I only wonder why it’s not possible to add streetart when exploring other cities.

As i’m going to Montpellier France next week, it might be possible I find unexpected, new or not yet added streetart. I can’t add any new found streetart outside my local place Amersfoort?

Hi Arno,

Our platform is designed for one city acces. Multiple acces is possible, but we always look at what kind of hunter we boarded. If you’re going to Montpellier, I’m very confident of our hunter team there that the map is very up-to-date. It’s been very active lately. Otherwise I suggest you use the ‘community notes’ feature and flag anything that might need a correction.
Welcome aboard


Hello Arno, welcome, I’m glad you like colorful murals and want to help find murals in your city and others with your travels!

Welcome Arno, enjoy the platform ans welcome to visit Ghent one day

Hi Arno, nice to see you support one of my local heroes from Rotterdam!