Hello everyone from Padua (Italy)

Hi everyone, I’m Ester nice to meet all of you!! I’m a new member of the Street art Cities and I can’t wait to give my contribution as a hunter. How?? showing you stunning artwork that I see every day in my town, Padua. I’ve always had a natural inclination to find and understand the hidden meanings of what surrounds me. And no doubt, this is going to be a wonderful experience!


Welcome to StreetArtCities Ester!
What a nice place you live in:)! Have such a good memories to Padova… ancient history, urban art, food… Padova has it all:)!
So… enjoy and we are looking forward to new uploads on Padova:). If you need help or have any questions, we are a message away.

Gr Stef

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Buongiorgno Ester,

Great having you here, and I also have great memories of Padua.
Did you check the existing map? Ilaria did a great job already, it would be very interesting if I connect you with here, don’t you reckon?

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Hi Tim,

Yeah I saw what a great job Ilaria did collecting most of artwork here in the town. Now there’s the potential to create interesting routes with artworks and places :wink:
It’d be nice to join forces!


That’s the spirit :). Have a nice weekend Ester!

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