Hello, Berlin is calling: art is declared!

Hey guys!
It’s my first time on “Hunter introductions” - anyway, not my first time with SAC.
I do my best to show you the unbelievable variety of street art in Berlin, but I don’t offer you street art tours (I don’t like to have any trouble with tour guides :wink: ) I’ll give you some useful recommendations, if you ask for them.
Frankly, you don’t need any tour guides in Berlin, just the SAC street art map and - very important - plenty of time. Berlin is very save, you know, but even very large. Open your mind, and you find all the hidden spots for this fascinating art. I’m sure you visit Berlin again, maybe we meet us than!


Thank you Peter! For your words and also for underlining the fact that Berlin is pretty complete on SAC. I haven’t been there lately, but since it has so much, and some have a hard time staying up, what do you think of the coverage of art in SAC Berlin, is it really that complete, or are there missing pieces in some areas? And if so, how can we improve that?

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Hi Bart! Sure there are some more pieces on secret walls, also in the legal “Halls of Fame”. I like the halls of fame, but they are quickly overpainted, often at the same day like Mauerpark. Also the little pieces, paste-ups and stencils in Berlin are worth to mention, but they are often changing. Step by step I’ll present them for the community, but I don’t want to annoy the community with to much boring stuff. What do you think about illegal locations? There are some, but it’s not everybodys cup of tea…

HOF’s are a different thing, we’re introducing a special marker for them soon (right @thomas).

Also the small things matter (at least, that’s what my girlfriends always told me). So paste ups and stuff is also welcome. As long as it’s 24h/7 accessible. If it’s not, it sucks for the visitor, cuz we’re pointing to a place they can’t reach.

And please upload everything you find valuable on the map. The forum is for talks, pictures of street art is for the map.

I personally don’t bother the illegal stuff. It’s gone in days mostly. Pointless to try to get that on a map.