Hej from Copenhagen

Hi all. My name is Elizabeth, but I go by the name of Ms. Neverstop online.
I am a multimedia artist, originally from Colombia, raised in the US, and now residing in Copenhagen.

I went to school for Media & Film, I’m a published writer and work for an Expeditions company writing about the Polar regions. Here in Denmark, I direct a gallery called Red Door and a magazine under the same name. reddoormagazine.com which is also at your service. If ever you are in Copenhagen, I’ll be happy to meet for a coffee, or even arrange an art show or event.

Street art is one of my passions and enjoyments, but also everything art related.
Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

p.s: for those interested in connecting on insta, especially if you are an artist and would like me to follow you… find me as @msneverstop


Hey @msneverstop! I’m new here too but wanted to say that I’m going to find you on Insta! I’m in Wales UK but Copenhagen is one of my favourite places to visit.

Looking forward to seeing what you hunt down so I can go looking for it when I’m next visiting Copenhagen :smiley:

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Be sure to connect with @MaleneSabinsky too, she’s our first hunter in Copenhagen;-)


Nice! Let’s connect! Add me on Insta so I can follow you too, and see you here or there :heart:

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Hi Elizabeth,
I’m new here too, I’ve been living in San Francisco for the past 10+ years but I’m originally from Denmark, so would be cool to meet up next time I’m back home! Will check out your stuff on IG as well :slight_smile: