Halls of Fame appears on the map

I saw today that Halls of Fame appeared on the map of Belgrade. The problem is that legal walls do not exist in Serbia, only walls where drawing is tolerated. I don’t know about that school, but at first glance on the Street View, it is clear that there is probably no wall with street art there. I don’t know where legal-walls.net got that information from.

Hi! Legal-walls.net is a community that relies heavily on users reporting locations, so if you go here, you can mark the location as not available anymore, then it should disappear automatically within a few days:


Thanks, maybe I should check first, but it’s in a remote suburb and now I’m not going anywhere by public transport, and I don’t drive a car :slight_smile:

OK, I see that you already made report. I really doubt there is any street in that part of town. In any case, there are certainly no legal walls in Belgrade.