'Hallo' from Chemnitz

Hey guys,

I’m Erik, a 36 year old german, who lives in Chemnitz, a city with 225.000 residents near the border to the Czech Republic. I’m generally interested in art and I also do some sketching and painting in my leisure time.I always was interessted in street art, but it became a true love when I was in Lisbon this spring and saw all the murals and pieces there.

The city where I live is an old industrial town with a difficult history. In communist times it’s name was “Karl-Marx-Stadt” (“City of Karl Marx”, although Marx never has been in Chemnitz) and the most famous sight here is the large monument of Karl-Marx head in the center of the city.


Chemnitz had some bad publicity in the last year, because of xenophobic demonstrations of right-wing parties after a homicide in the city centre. I want to show, that also in Chemnitz exists a small scene of street artists which try to make the city less grey and contribute to make this city a more colourful place.


Welcome Erik , greetings Nol

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