Greetings from Slovakia

Hi everyone! I am Marek from Slovakia and am pleased to join the community of street art lovers. Hunting of artworks has been my hobby for a couple of years. Now it´s time to share pieces from our country with other people and to enlarge the small list of pieces shown on this platform. There´s really much to show from here…


Hi Marek!

Stumbled today on your uploaded works. Brilliant stuff there in Slovakia:)!
Thanks for the contributions you’ve made so far on StreetArtCities


Hi Stef,

thanks for your notice and kind greetings.

There are much more artworks here. The last time was a bit demanding for me, but I believe I´ll continue with adding further cities from Slovakia soon.

SAC is a very good platform for showing to the public that good pieces can be found in a small country as well, and still new ones are arising.

If a reader can learn something about the author and message of the artwork, the better it is.

Was it you who added 1343 updates last month? This number is amazing, I always wonder what these people do (except of hunting artworks).

Have a nice day and take care

Marek Spanik from Slovakia

ne 12. 11. 2023 o 19:20 Stef via Street Art Cities Forum <> napísal(a):

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Hi Marek!

SAC is a fantastic ever-growing platform. More than 50.000 pinned works already:). Glad you are a part of us!

My updates: As moderators, we are able to clean up the platform: Lately we were busy with filtering duplicate names out of the system for example. Also adding keyword tags (date created, festival editions etc) and, of course we would like to encourage the hunters to fill in the keyword tags as well, although… often its not always easy to find the right complete and correct info, we get that:).

Looking forward to see new uploads in Slovakia:). I am sure, in the land of the Tatra Mountains are many nice walls to admire:).

Enjoy your weekend:).

Gr Stef

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