Greetings from Malmö, Sweden

Hello everyone,

Its great to be here on a forum and platform for those who appreciate street art. My name is Karl, im soon to be 26 years old this August. Originally i’m from Helsingborg, but for the last couple of years i’ve been living in and studying at Malmö University. Mainly within subjects as politics and history.

My passion is traveling and discover other countries and cities. Early on history fueled my interest of other places and its history, to why and what happen. When i do travel i often seek out to know more about the places i visit and its people. Books such as Jack Kerouac’s book “On the Road” felt inspiring for just the idea of traveling and going out there into the world. Anthony Bourdain’s passion for traveling and food, inspires me to consider and experience the food cultures.

Id like to share that Malmö is quite a beautiful city and very easy and convenient to travel around by bike. Its also happens to be close to Copenhagen, Denmark. Which makes it deal for travelers curious about both countries. I’ve seen many international students fall in love in the city and Sweden, and wanting to return.

Further more i will continue contributing and updating all artworks posted by me. Thank you for taking the time and looking forwards to hear from you all.

Kind regards from Malmö
IG: the_wahl


What’s up Old Fashioned drinker! Glad to see you’re here, and I think you’ll like to hang around other globe trotters! Feel free to ask for help if you need any, and keep on sharing!

By the way, is that your dog you’re walking in insta? He looks a bit like my previous doge :slight_smile:

Welcome Karl, see you around!

Thank you Bart for taking your time! :slight_smile:
Well watching several tv-series with this drink, at some point you’re getting curious and trying it. Its not a bad drink, but too expensive in my country :stuck_out_tongue: Sure i’d love to hang around other globe trotters, im currently exploring of what to do the coming year!

The dog belongs to a friend of mine, at the time he was a puppy a few months old and its a Finnish Lapphund

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Great to hear from Malmö, been there only once for a few days and I liked it. Very different from Kopenhagen and other places in Sweden I’ve seen.
Big cheers from Ghent - Belgium. If you ever come here …the food is mainly, euhm, beer.

Hi Karl, I was in Copenhagen back in July and popped over on the train to Malmo for the day, it’s a beautiful city!
Unfortunately I didn’t know about this site then, otherwise i would have taken photos of the Street Art in Malmo!
I also like travelling when I can, I was in Amsterdam recently, but my favourite city for Street Art is Athens! :grin:

Hi there,

I’ve been to Copenhagen too this summer and last year i took a tour in Malmö too. There’s a good selection on our map

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