Greetings from Madrid

Hi, everyone!

This is Maria (a.k.a. Pikatoust) from Spain. I have just joined the community and I’m thrilled! I will be hunting and sharing pieces mainly from Madrid, but I also spend time in Barcelona, Lisbon and several cities in Poland, so happy to shoot and share :slight_smile:

If any of you is ever in Madrid, feel free to connect. You can reach me through this forum or vía social media (@pikatoust).

Un abrazo!



Welcome aboard! Fasten your seatbelts, shoot beautiful pictures and make sure to get as most info on the artpiece as possible. Ahum, most importantly tho? Hook up with others here, share ideas and info and enjoy every moment while discovering your own, or other cities connected!


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Welcome to the community Maria!

I wish you a happy hunting in the street art jungle of Madrid :black_heart:

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Thank you so much, @Tinka and @Bart! :pray:

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