Greetings from Kyiv, Ukraine! Привіт!

Hello everyone! My name is Max, I’m living and hunting in Kyiv, Ukraine. Excited to join Street Art Cities community, as I’ve got plenty of interesting stuff to share. I usually walk with my eyes wide open, so there’s a lot of interesting shots on my daily updated IG: @streets_language.

So let the journey begin :wink:


Max, welcome to Street Art Cities! Cool stuff on your gram as well. A lot of throw ups and graffiti also! The attempt here is to create a network of maps that are constantly as up to date as humanly possible. Big cities like yours need multiple people, so I think @Irina_Zidart and @Olga are happy to have another member in the team!

See how you like our community, and try to upload works that last for a longer period of time! Have fun!

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Thanks for greeting, Bart! Going to do my best in contributing :slight_smile:

Hi Max!

Welcome to the group. I started only today with Basel, Switzerland but I am very excited!
You have a lot of cool stuff in your Insta. Well done.

Up the Irons!

Thank you Tiago! That kind of excitement is great, same works for me. Wish I had more time for posting :slight_smile:
P.S. Do you like Maiden too? :metal:

Maiden is my favorite band :slight_smile:
Like I say: Metal is my religion and Maiden is my God :metal: