Greetings from Detroit!

Hello All, Christian here. Hoping to be able to share a lot of my exploration of Detroit on the Street Art App. Detroit has many great and emerging artists and a yearly Murals in the Market festival that showcases talent from all over the world.

A little about me, I’m 39 and actually i am a Canadian living on a border city of Detroit (Windsor, Ontario - Home to the artist ‘Denial’!), but i spend a lot of my time exploring the urban decay (and revitalization) of Detroit. When I’m not exploring you can usual finding me on a cycling, at a concert or reading. You can find me on instagram. User name is CanadaPostRock.


Hey Christian,

Another Canadian joins, welcome to this international community.
Glad to see our Detroit division gettin’ a necesaary update. Give us a holla if you need anything