Graffitifestival in Eindhoven ( June 30 - July 1)

If you’ re going to be in the Netherlands between June 30 and July 1 you should check out the graffitifestival ‘ Step into the Arena’ in Eindhoven!

More than 150 graffiti artists from all over the world come to Eindhoven and work all weekend on the creative transformation of Europe’s largest Hall of Fame: The Bear Pit (Insulindeplein). Step in the Arena is the largest graffiti festival in the world. During the festival you can see all types of graffiti and street arts: letters, cartoon, photo-realistic and post-modern graffiti.

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Good ass suggestion Lizzy! Maybe collect all festivals across the globe and put em in a calendar? @thomas how bout them apples?

Yep, that sounds great. If you can use a shared Google Calandar, I can scape the data from there to show on the website and in the app.

Only thing we need to make sure then is that the Location field of each appointment contains an actual address or city name (i.e. something that would lead to a result when being typed into Google Maps), so that I can filter events that are relevant for a specific city or area.

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This year will be the last edition unfortunately…

As I never went to this location before, going there next Saturday (16/03) to check the spot (Berenkuil) of this graffiti jam. If anyone is around… let me know.

Yes, last edition unfortunately! Compliments Stef for recycling this topic btw. …6 years later <3