👋 from San Francisco

Hi there everyone,
Just wanted to introduce myself to the community as I’m new here. My name is Sole and I’m originally from Denmark but I’ve been living in San Francisco since 2008. I’ve always been taking photos of the murals and street art here but really started picking it up the past couple of years and started sharing on Instagram as streetart.sf (follow me! :smiley:)

Other than that I work as a freelance journalist and dabble in photography as well, so I’m always working hard to get the right composition of my street art photos which often means coming back over and over to the same spot in hopes that the light is right, the shadows aren’t in the way, cars and trash cans aren’t blocking the view etc. etc. I’m sure you all know the drill… :wink:

Anyways, looking forward to getting to know everyone here.



Hi Sole, I’m looking forward to seeing what you post here! I’m going to find you on Instagram now :slight_smile:

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