Flag for visiting artists

Hello :raising_hand_woman:t2:

We are so incredibly lucky to continuously attract incredible artists to our city. The last few weeks has been an absolute treat with epic mega walls and crazy good stencils going up. Visiting artists sometimes put up on their Instagram bio when they are working in other countries. Made me think if there is a way for this to flag or show this on the SAC city page? :thinking:
Similar to ‘Events’ page, but something specific on the city landing page.

For example:

Currently visiting: Vale :fr:, Dan Kitchener :uk: , Damien Mitchel :us: etc

This would probably need the artist themselves to indicate something via their profile… meaning they would first need to claim it. Just a thought :thinking:

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!


Hi Neda,

That’s very interesting, it would be awesome that our hunter to begin with get a heads up of artists visiting.
I see a win win, because you could go and take pictures, most artist like that.

@thomas @Noa_Heutz @Bart any ideas about how to implement someting like this. It’s a good idea to put on our wishlist at least


Cool idea! It would only work if the input is also given. Either by the artist, the hunter or a festival. Maybe offer it as an option to artists to begin with, but I guess usage would be fairly modest. Also because of the many unclaimed artist profiles, like Neda mentioned.


Hi @Virusfreak79, We’ve partially implemented this feature. Artists can indicate the current city they’re operating in directly on their profile. I’ve also created a ticket in our backlog to expand this functionality and showcase it prominently on a dedicated page.

Here’s how it appears to artists:
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 16.05.36

And this is how it looks on their profile:
Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 16.05.59

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“Current city” is good but what about a kind of “tourlist”. Very often, artists going from festival to festival… .

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All valid points and something to consider, I guess. The profile would need to be claimed and the city would need to exist and have hunters to be notified… lots of moving parts and dependencies. Blue sky ideas :slight_smile:

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In my opinion the artist should be able to easily flag their next destination and this would automate a message to the active hunters in the area.
But now it’s too early, but a good idea to keep in mind for the future