Embed your city map + introduction

Hi hunters!

First of all, my name is Ahsan. I’m the lead developer for the mobile app of Street Art Cities. I’m at your service at the Tech Support section of this forum regarding the app.

We just added a new feature to the platform: you can now embed your city map on your own website or blog. The embed code can be found under Artwork > Settings > Embed this map. This will allow you to display the map on your website or other platforms.

Have a great day!

Ahsan Fazal



I love you man xxxxx (5 times x because a post had to be at least 20 characters)

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Wooow!!! Thank you s much, i was looking for this.
Good job! Thanks really a lot!

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It think your website is now compleet Tinka :smiley:
If you need anything else just let us know…

You’re welcome! Feel free to post in the ideas channel if you have any feature ideas or contact me personally at ahsan@streetartcitites.com :slight_smile:


I cannot see this using Safari keeps disappearing?? there for a second then gone before I can select

@Ahsan got any advice on this issue?

This looks brilliant. I am an utter noob with stuff like this (not a digital native). I have a blog on Wordpress, is this code compatible? It might take me a little while to work out how I incorporate it, but I will have a go. Thanks for working so hard on all of this additional functionality.

Stephen (www.scooj.org)

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Yes, that should be possible, maybe best to shoot me a personal email so that I can guide you through the steps! thomas@streetartcities.com

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Thank you, I will drop you a line when I have some time…very crowded life!

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