Delete Artwork - When uploaded twice

I have been in a train of uploading new artworks to the Map of La Bañeza. Unfortunately some artworks are uploaded twice, but I can’t delete them.

It would be usefull to have a delete button.

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No problem Tinka, let us know what markers, and we’ll delete for you!

Thanks Bart,

This one need to be deleted:
And I will check for the other ones.

Thanks a lot.

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Hej Bart,
Could you also delete this one? it’s a page that was created twice, no idea why.

Hey Bart,
could you delete following artworks (overpainted):

Why can’t I delete artworks myself?
Why aren’t my new uploaded artworks not shown at the Berlin-map?

Thanks for support,


apparently there are some problems with deleting artwork, since the artwork I asked for to be deleted is some how still visible on the map:

A delete button would be way more useful - for Hunters and for you guys.


We’re gonna add it soon again. I’ll keep you up to date.

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